Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Hello, all! I never intended to take a hiatus from blogging, but sometimes life has other plans. To get you back up to speed, here is what's going on with my life:

I'll start with the hardest part first. My doctor lost her job for treating Lyme disease. I wanted to honor her with a fabulous post about the injustices of what happened, but I think I'm going to need a little longer to heal from my anger and pain at the medical community for firing her before I am able write an unbiased post that can help raise awareness for Lyme disease. (If you're reading this Dr. P., I will keep my promise! It's just taking more time than I thought.)

My health is holding up fairly well during this pregnancy. I am 30 weeks pregnant now! I am still in remission and seeing a new Lyme doctor who is treating me with antibiotics to prevent (hopefully!) my Lyme from crossing the placenta. The baby is a little girl, which I am thrilled about since I have two boys already!
Here's me on vacation a few weeks ago.
After spending month upon month sick beyond words and not knowing if I'd ever get better, I just can't believe where I am at in life right now. I always felt like someone was missing from our family, but I really thought that door was shut forever because of my illness. Life had other plans for me, and this is truly my miracle baby!
Here's my little sleeping beauty.

I also just started homeschooling my youngest son for Kindergarten last week, so I've been very busy. I am so excited to be able to homeschool again! I had been homeschooling my oldest son when I got very sick from Lyme disease and had to make the difficult decision to put him in public school. Thankfully, he adjusted very well and is quite content stay put in public school while I homeschool his brother.

There's a lot more I'd really like to say, but I just want to get this update out and break my accidental, unintentional absence from the blogging world!