Thursday, April 18, 2013

Well, If You Mustache...

Oops, I just realized it's been over a month since my last post! I'm still in remission from my Lyme disease, still feeling great, and for the first time in as many years as I can remember, I am pain free--something I never expected to be able to say, since I developed symptoms of Lyme after my first tick bite as a child in the '80s. I do live with the fear that my disease could come out of remission at any time and that's a scary thought, but I am choosing to focus on the present, and right now that means I am healthy and loving every second of it.

I apologize for the huge lapse in posting, but there's a pretty big reason for it.
I am 12 weeks pregnant with my third child! Lyme disease causes a high rate of miscarriages, so I've been walking on eggshells; it's been a terrifying, but exciting few months.

Even though I am in remission, I am on antibiotics to prevent the disease from crossing the placenta. I enjoyed my brief hiatus from antibiotics, but I'm back on Bicillin intramuscular injections (shots in the butt). I did not know I had Lyme disease during my other two pregnancies, and both of my children have tested positive for my tick-borne illnesses.

The thought of potentially passing this disease on to a third child has been a heavy burden, as this baby was a very wonderful surprise, but knowledge is power, and this time we know what we are up against. Even though I'm on antibiotics, I could still pass it on; however, I take comfort in the fact that my Lyme doctor is incredible and I have the very best care out there.

After all that I have been through these past few years, I still need to pinch myself every day--I can't believe I am healthy, pain-free, and carrying new life! To my Lyme friends out there who are struggling--never, never give up! Your miracle could be right around the corner! There were so many days when I never thought I would get better; so many days when my pain was so excruciating I wanted to quit. But if I had, I would have missed out on my miracle!

Well, I'm signing off now; my brand new extra-light weight/extra big pregnancy hula hoop just came in the mail and it's calling my name! :)