Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hace un Año

Today marks 365 days with my beloved Icelandic horse, Fjóla. Her love and devotion absolutely blow me away. She drops everything to come tolting to the gate when she hears me call for her. She loves to be brushed just as much as I love to groom her. I ride Fjóla bareback and bridleless: no reins, no bit. I steer her with my legs and occasionally a small crop for when she "forgets" my leg cues. When I put her back in her field, she stays by my side until I leave. My pony loves me and, wow, do I love her!

Tonight, because I was feeling so sick from my Lyme disease, I had to park my little 13.1 hands high "low-rider" horsie right next to a chair so I could climb on her back. Icelandic horses are very small and generally, even on "bad" days, I can still manage to clamber my way up. I didn't even have the oomph to try tonight. My health has been steadily going downhill over the past few months, and it has been taking a huge toll on me. As badly as I felt, I knew that I mentally needed to ride my horse tonight. 

Fjóla and I have begun practicing steering (with my leg aids) during the tolt (her fast past). She is generally very poky and takes plenty of coaxing to get moving (we like to joke that her quarter ran out). Tonight, however, she gave me a beautiful fast (but not too fast) tolt. Round and round we went, her mane dancing in the breeze, with my little ponytail floating out behind us. It dawned on me that not only did I have a giant smile plastered on my face, but for that fleeting moment, my pain was completely gone.

I can't explain why even though there are times when I can barely walk, I can still somehow ride my horse. Magic and healing can be found upon a horse's back, and so, then, can I. My pony carries me away from pain and sickness and while I am on her back, I am free of Lyme disease.


  1. So glad you can enjoy a refuge!

  2. Beautiful post! I am so glad you have somewhere to get away from it all! YAY Fjola!

  3. I cried after Belles took me on a "canter, nook we are hand galloping!" episode. So much power and strength freely given away...that is the source of healing IMO.

  4. Oh, what a sweetheart, and with a beautiful face to boot. I'm glad you updated. :)

  5. What a beautiful post Alyson. I'm sorry you haven't been doing too well, but I am glad that Fjóla can provide some healing. It's amazing how certain special "things" can take away our pain. Hugs to you!

  6. She is absolutely gorgeous! I am sorry that you have been feeling so poorly from the tick sickness (I'm in a bad way lately too from it) but I am delighted to see that you found comfort in your friend! Horses have been used in therapy for people who have MS (and many other illnesses of the brain and disabilities), which as you know, has a lot of similarities to Lyme, so it does not surprise me that your beautiful equine friend helps you find some liberation from your torment. May God bless you both!
    I think she may be the most beautiful horse I have ever seen. I'm allergic to horses, so I cannot get too physically close to them, but I admire them very much, they are smart, sensitive, intuitive, and loving, from what I know have heard.
    I have dogs, cats, and rats, and while they cannot give me the kind of transcendence over the pain like your horse can give you, they do know when I'm really down and they comfort me (and the rats entertain me when I am too messed up to do anything other than lie in bed & watch them - their tanks are in my bedroom).

  7. So glad to hear you are getting some refuge...even in this dark storm. Love to you and Fjóla. You are always in my thoughts and heart. XOXO

  8. So glad you have this freedom with her!!