Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Improvement from Lyme disease is a strange and slow process. I haven't had as many of my seizure-like episodes; however, I am still having them. My energy has increased dramatically, but it comes and goes in the blink of an eye. I still have huge Lyme crashes from out of nowhere, ravaging my body with a barrage of fatigue and pain (usually lasting for a few hours at a time).

Tired of being sick, I've been greedily snatching up bursts of energy like a little kid let loose in a candy store. I've ridden my horse a few times in the past week. I've worn circles in the ground, spinning around and around with my hula hoop. Yes, I love to hula hoop; so much so, in fact, that I combined the two a few days ago and hula hooped on my horse!
Hula Hooping (minus the horse, of course)

My Happy Place!
I even got to go camping this weekend. Ever so slowly, I can feel my body starting to fight back against this dreadful disease and I can feel my Bicillin injections starting to work their magic.

Living with Lyme disease has been such a difficult journey these past few years, but it has truly opened my eyes to the beauty of life. When you have to fight every single day of your life to be able to do the things you love, they become treasured and no longer taken for granted. I hope I never forget the painfully beautiful lessons I've learned from my trek through Lymeland.

Me with my blind dog, Maya, who has taught me a thing or two about overcoming! 


  1. Wow, thanks for some perspective----I'm tapering off Cymbalta right now, and my biggest symptom is murderous rage. But, I was NOT on the couch after a weekend of moving. And all I was worried about was wanting to strangle people's necks rather than the fact that I MOVED!
    Thanks for the perspective!

  2. Go Alyson!

  3. I just got trolled because when I am not bedridden I try to do things other than talk about being sick. Apparently people don't understand that just because you're not complaining about the pain and exhaustion doesn't mean it was magically cured or that you have been faking it.
    Bad enough to be on the tick-sick roller coaster, but when people not only kick you when you're down but also when you fight to get back up - well, I guess I can say I identify with the rage FFW describes above, even though I'm not dealing with Cymbalta!
    I am so happy to see you making the most of whatever up time you can get your hands on, thank you for sharing your happy place and cute pictures! I had a blind cat who I learned a lot from as well.
    May you have more up time than down time and continue to get better ever day. You give me hope.

  4. Happy to hear you are getting to find some "happy moments." Keep on Keepin' On! I believe in you! ;-)