Thursday, April 18, 2013

Well, If You Mustache...

Oops, I just realized it's been over a month since my last post! I'm still in remission from my Lyme disease, still feeling great, and for the first time in as many years as I can remember, I am pain free--something I never expected to be able to say, since I developed symptoms of Lyme after my first tick bite as a child in the '80s. I do live with the fear that my disease could come out of remission at any time and that's a scary thought, but I am choosing to focus on the present, and right now that means I am healthy and loving every second of it.

I apologize for the huge lapse in posting, but there's a pretty big reason for it.
I am 12 weeks pregnant with my third child! Lyme disease causes a high rate of miscarriages, so I've been walking on eggshells; it's been a terrifying, but exciting few months.

Even though I am in remission, I am on antibiotics to prevent the disease from crossing the placenta. I enjoyed my brief hiatus from antibiotics, but I'm back on Bicillin intramuscular injections (shots in the butt). I did not know I had Lyme disease during my other two pregnancies, and both of my children have tested positive for my tick-borne illnesses.

The thought of potentially passing this disease on to a third child has been a heavy burden, as this baby was a very wonderful surprise, but knowledge is power, and this time we know what we are up against. Even though I'm on antibiotics, I could still pass it on; however, I take comfort in the fact that my Lyme doctor is incredible and I have the very best care out there.

After all that I have been through these past few years, I still need to pinch myself every day--I can't believe I am healthy, pain-free, and carrying new life! To my Lyme friends out there who are struggling--never, never give up! Your miracle could be right around the corner! There were so many days when I never thought I would get better; so many days when my pain was so excruciating I wanted to quit. But if I had, I would have missed out on my miracle!

Well, I'm signing off now; my brand new extra-light weight/extra big pregnancy hula hoop just came in the mail and it's calling my name! :)


  1. Super duper post!!! Happy happiness!

  2. Hi, I am being treated for chronic Lyme. 8 months of antibiotics. I am new to your blog - thank you very much for sharing your story. Question. It seems as if you accidentally got better. You were due to get a PICC line but, because of insurance, you had to wait and go completely off antibiotics. While you were waiting for your PICC line, you began to feel better and now you are in remission. Do I understand this correctly? It seems like if you went straight to the PICC you would still be symptomatic. I am thinking of giving the drugs a break for a while because perhaps they are causing my symptoms (fatigue and body aches). thank you very much.

    1. Hi Tate, thanks for your comment! You are correct--I came about remission much differently than most people, but I think it's important to remember that with chronic Lyme there are no quick answers, and what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for another. I was on antibiotics for 2 1/2 years and I don't think I would have come to remission without all the medicines that I took.

      The antibiotics were causing me a lot of side-effects, so I can sure sympathize with you wanting to take a break, but with this disease, you have to weigh the side-effects with the benefits. Hopefully you and your LLMD can find a good compromise!

      I was not well when I got off all my antibiotics; I wish I could say that I quit and then magically went into remission, but that's not what happened.

      I started taking a Chinese herbal supplement and I credit it, along with a few other factors, with my remission. I also changed my daily exercise routine and that made a huge difference.

      I wish I had the magic answer for you and all of my Lyme friends out there! Keep fighting, always believe in your body's ability to heal itself, and never give up!


    2. thanks Alyson, it means a lot.

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  4. I am so happy for you!! Great news!

    xo, Brandi

  5. Alyson,

    I am so so so thrilled for you!!! I love seeing your pictures. You look incredibly happy and so cute pregnant! Thank you for being a constant support in my journey. I hold you very dear to my heart. I can't wait to follow your pregnancy!!! What do the boys think?

    Lots of loves and hugs,


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