Monday, June 20, 2011


A few months ago, I read about a fermented drink called Kombucha (pronounced com-BOO-cha) in the book The Lyme Diet. I really wanted to try it, but wasn't sure where to find it. A few weeks ago, a friend of mine casually mentioned a drink she had recently discovered called--you guessed it!--Kombucha. And her friend makes it, so she wanted to share some with me so I could try it!

She warned me that the first bottle might be a bit rough going down because it's an acquired taste, but after a few bottles you start craving it. I slowly drank down my first bottle, and yes, it was weird! It was like drinking those fizzy things you use to color Easter eggs--it was bubbly and it smelled vinegary. But, that day was a medicine day for me and I noticed that I didn't have stomach issues that day! Hmmm....

My friend was right--after a few bottles, I was hooked. And not only that, my stomach was happier than it had been in a while! So, I found myself hooked on Kombucha with no where to get it from (my friend lives over an hour away from me). Lucky for me, she told me that her friend had just given her part of her SCOBY--the Kombucha starter culture--so she could make her own Kombucha. The SCOBY reproduces and you can share it with friends. Last week, my friend brought me my own SCOBY!
My new SCOBY! It's like an organ floating in a jar!

After getting over the weirdness of my new creepy Thing-In-A-Jar, the first thing I had to do was feed it. The SCOBY eats tea and sugar, so I had to steep the tea, mix in the sugar, and add it to the big jar. (Well, it's a bit more scientific than that, but it is pretty simple.) Then, I put the Scoby in its new home where it was to sit and reflect with Buddha for one week.

SCOBY chilling with Buddha.

After a week, it's time to check and see if the Kombucha is ready for bottling. Today was the big day, so I tentatively took a spoonful and, lo and behold, it actually tasted like Kombucha! (Why was I surprised?!) That meant it was time for bottling! My friend gave me four old Grolsch beer bottles to use and I had enough of my Kombucha to fill up three bottles.

Trying not to make a mess!
Success! My very own Kombucha!

So now the bottles are going to their happy place for a week (I just leave them alone), then they can go in the fridge, and, Voila! Kombucha! Next Monday it will be time to taste my Kombucha, and bottle up the second batch!

Here are some Kombucha links if you're interested in learning more:

This is my favorite store bought Kombucha, but it's pricey, so don't get hooked ;)


  1. I've been so afraid to try it! Do you drink the floaty stuff in the bottom of the bottle (in the store brands I've seen)?

  2. I am wondering if being it is fermented it would increase yeast issues? I need something for my stomach and my NAET practitioner suggested fermented veggies...this sounds better....Will need to read more on it.

  3. Once you get past the first bottle, it's not so bad. You do drink the floaty stuff. That's part of the Kombucha culture and it's full of all the healthy goodness: probiotics, enzymes, etc. Kombucha is great for detoxing!

    Renee, it's supposed to be really good for helping yeast issues, and also for acid reflux. Maybe it will help you!

    The strawberry one that I linked to at the end is really the best to start with. They have lots of other flavors that are good too, though I tried the green one today and I couldn't handle it!

  4. This reminds me of the man with 2 brains. The SCOBY is neat! I know that you also need a starter or "mother" to make vinegar. Neato!

  5. Trinanonymous, your name is hard to spell. It reminds me of TMWTB's, too! I love that movie! If you brew the Kombucha wrong, it can turn into vinegar. Weird!

  6. I like to think I am adventurous, but not on this one. You are brave...Hope you are having a better day today! XOXO

  7. I have always wanted to try this, but was too nervous. I heard Whole Foods pulled it from the shelves! I'm with are braver than me. :) Enjoy!

  8. I heard that G.T.'s Kombucha was pulled because if it's stored on the shelf in the store incorrectly, it can alter the alcohol content. Not fair to blame the company for that if it's true!

  9. Cheers fellow weird-tea drinker! Cheers! To a great post as always!

  10. this is the greates drunk you can ever taste! this is so delicious! I love it! I am cured from migraine and all menstrution problems, try it! if you drink it all your life you reach 100 and working in your garden.