Thursday, September 15, 2011

Florida or Bust

Right now, the temperature outside is 54 degrees; inside the house, my thermostat reads 68 degrees. That sounds pretty cozy, right? I wish I could say yes; I really want to! I wish I could happily join in with the chorus of cheerful Facebookers hoorahing over the sudden nip in the air. But the problem is, I'm freezing cold already.

Don't get me wrong--fall is great. I love going for drives in the country and looking at the reds and oranges and yellows everywhere. I love Halloween and Thanksgiving and eating pumpkin pie and carving jack-o-lanterns. I love warm socks and mittens and scarves. I love hot chocolate and I love working on my quilt. I love snuggling under a blanket (or ten!) and watching a movie. Oh fall, it's not your fault that I get so cold!

Instead of oohing and ahhing over this season that I used to love, like everyone else, I'm already scrambling to keep warm. With this drop in temperature, the bone-numbing, hypothermia-like coldness--in my world known as Lyme chills--has already crept into my body, reminding me that I am still a captive of Lyme disease. As I type this, I'm wearing knee-high wool ski socks, leg warmers, fleece pants, a thermal shirt, a regular shirt, a down vest and I'm snuggling my microwavable rice pack for extra warmth. And I'm still shivering.

The coldness that comes with this disease is--for lack of a better word--intense. So, would you like to know my secret for combating the I'm-so-cold-no-matter-what-I-do blues? It's the same as all of my other secrets--ice cream! I'm not supposed to have much sugar, but, hey, it's my off-week for antibiotics; cut me some slack!--and yeah, so maybe I'm already freezing cold, but those two things just cancel each other out and that means ice cream always wins! Plan B was to retire to Florida, and since 31 seems a bit young for retirement (never mind the fact that I'm a stay-at-home mom), I will stick to Plan A (ice cream!!!).

Sorry, fall! You lose!


  1. I HATE the Lyme chills. I have always suffered during extreme temps. Hope you were able to get warm. And if not, at least you have Ben and Jerry's to help you through. :)

  2. I hate being cold also. In Kodiak, my toes and fingers constantly felt like ice cubes despite my efforts to warm them up and on top of that I was generally cold. But here, in Sacramento, I have been suffering from extreme HOT. So my toes have been warm and I haven't had many chills. I am guessing once my body temperature changes from Kodiak to Sacramento, it will even feel cold at 100+ degrees? I am definitely ready for Sacramento to cool off a bit. Today it the high was only 80 and felt really nice.

    Ice cream is always a great solution, I think!

    Keep warm,