Monday, October 10, 2011

Sink or Swim

This was one of those days where if you make it out alive, you are highly likely to emerge with a ratty knapsack slung over your shoulder, heaped to the brim with the kind of life lessons you definitely didn't ask for and can only learn from a difficult day. It was most certainly a sink or swim type of day.

There were numerous times throughout the day when I felt myself sinking, sucked under by my uncooperative sickly body and way too much stress for one day. But the good news is, my loved ones really came through for me today. They even tossed out several life boats to me throughout the day. Here are a few of them for your enjoyment!

Life Boat No. 1, sent to me from my hubby:

This amazing comic nearly made me pee my pants with happiness. (Click for more awesomeness!)   

And then, there's Life Boat's No. 2 and 3, sent to me from my friend via text message several weeks ago, but due to a crazy cell phone mix-up, came through today two weeks too late, yet at exactly the right moment. Thank you, weird cell phone mix-up! These are titled WHAT WE DO WHEN WE ARE BORED AT WORK and the friend who sent these may or may not work at a certain (Unmentionable) Packing Store, which may or may not be what makes them so funny to me.
Pac Man/ Packing Peanut Man

Life Boat No. 4:  Comfort food for dinner! Chicken with broccoli and General Tso's chicken. (Yeah, I'm adventurous.) What healthy Chinese food meal would be complete without fortune cookie time? Okay, so I actually can't stand the "cookies"; they taste like dog biscuits and I give them to my dog. But, here was my fortune: Your problem just became your stepping stone. Catch the moment.
Cheesy, just the way I like it. 

So, what did I learn today?
-My friends are awesome!
-If you eat too much comfort food, it's no longer comforting.
-I am loved!
-Sometimes, even cats have bad days.


  1. So glad you were able to find moments of joy in what sounds like was a very challenging day! Thanks for sharing it with all of us :)

  2. I have been thinking of you and wondered if your silence was good or bad. I am sorry you had such a terrible day. I hope you are feeling much better today. Hang in there, my friend!

  3. Sorry you are having a yucky time. I should know when we don't talk for a couple of days something's going on. Been dealing with my own sinkdom so I didn't realize. Love you, friend. Will send some love and cheeze soon. Just the way you like it. LOL.

  4. Married to the Sea always makes the day better. Love you, sweetheart.

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