Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Falling into Place

I had a really rough day yesterday, but I'm happy to say that that was way out of the norm for me lately. I've been continuing to make progress against my chronic Lyme disease by leaps and bounds. Last week, as I laid down to rest, I found myself abruptly flooded with numerous things that I had been struggling to remember. It was like a huge wad of cotton was suddenly pulled out of my brain and I could remember everything again! No more Alzheimer's brain! No more plastering myself with post-it notes to remember important things!

Over the past few years, as I've been sick, I've struggled with loss: loss of energy, loss of the ability to take care of my children and myself and loss of the ability to do many of the things I love to do. But lately, I've been adjusting to a new theme: more. I've had more energy, I have been riding my horse more, keeping up with the housework more, cooking more and being a more active mother (yeah!!!). I have fought so hard for this! I feel like the pieces of my life are finally falling back into place again.

On Monday, I had my 60th Bicillin injection. When I first started my shots, I set a personal limit of 72 shots, or six months, and I can't believe how close I am to achieving that goal. I have worked so, so hard to gain my health back, and it's amazing to see the payback.

I still have a long road to recovery ahead of me. I have a lot of pain on a daily basis and a lot of symptoms left. But I am over the moon at how far these pain-in-the-butt shots (ha!) have brought me toward recovering from chronic Lyme disease.


  1. Oh Aly,

    It was so good to get on line tonight and see your post. I am thrilled for you that you are having more "more" moments. As Renee would say, I am doing the happy dance for you. ;-) You are a strong woman and it is so encouraging to hear you have been doing so well. YAY YOU!!!

    How is the no sugar going? Are you still sugar free? I have been wondering if I can do it...

    60th Bicillin injection! That is amazing!
    Sending happy hugs your way,

  2. Hooray! I'm so glad you are seeing improvement!

  3. Ginny, my hubby bought 10 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies and so, as you can probably guess, I'm no longer sugar free. I can tell a huge difference in my moods and I need to get right back off of it again as soon as possible...but it's so difficult! I will try again soon and I hope you give it a shot, too!

  4. Thankfully I ate all the cookies, so you can get back on the wagon. Love you.