Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Dance

I am excited to report that I've had a few good days--really, really good days! This is what I have been fighting for! May these good days give me the hope and strength that I need to keep on fighting my fight against Lyme disease! I'm still pretty early on in treatment and I have a long way to go, but now that the dust is settling from the effects of my last medicine, I'm hoping this is going to stick around.

Here is what is going on in my body today:

My energy level may have exceeded my personal best Lyme-disease-energy-record-high (which is really not that difficult, actually). I've been cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and I feel like June Cleaver! There are so many things that I've had to let go around the house that have been driving me crazy, and I've been running around today like a mad woman trying to check off as many things on my to do list as I can before I either have a big Lyme crash, or before I start my new treatment round next week.

My pain level is relatively low today. A "good day" for someone with Lyme disease is much different than what a healthy person is used to. I have body aches--similar to the all-over aches you get when you have the flu. I have joint pain on my left side (Lyme disease is notorious for one-sided pain) in my ankle and in my knee. I was quite ouchy this morning, but I put some Tiger Balm on my joints, which helped considerably.

Mentally, I feel pretty good. I can think clearly; unlike my normal "Lyme brain," which is like trying to wade through a thick pea soup to remind my brain that its job is to function. I'm on cloud nine, because I feel great. I'm a little apprehensive, because it's very difficult to go back to feeling lousy after having a few good days; when you have Lyme disease, you know very well that things can change in the blink of an eye. But, I have no room for negative thoughts today!

What I have learned from Lyme disease is the importance of cherishing each moment--the good and the bad. When you have a chronic illness, you have to learn to love your bad days just as much as the good days, or else you want to become a very bitter person. After having nothing but hard days for a few weeks straight, I am completely overdosing on joy from finally having a few good days! Regardless of what happens tomorrow, or even in an hour, I'm grateful for how I feel right now. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go finish doing my happy dance!


  1. Hey, my fingers are doing a happy dance for you today too! It is great when those times come isn't it. Wonderful to get a sense of what it will be down the road. Hope and pray these days are long and linger on for you well past the norm! Happy Easter!

  2. Awesome post, Alyson! I was having a bunch of those good days in March. I was off the prescriptions, just doing my supplements and was feeling great! I was so excited. But I let my diet go in my happiness and sure enough it all came creeping back. I was angry and frustrated, and I'm back on abx again. But, I'm still mentally OK because I remember those few weeks of good days and now just keep focused on those so I can get back there.

    Us Lymies really do have to make sure to apprecitate those good days. They can last just a few hours, or a few weeks if we're super lucky. But I do believe that positive thinking is an important part of treatment for us.

    Enjoy these happy dances! But don't abandon your diet and meds :)

  3. Thanks for always cheering me on, Renee! It means a lot to me. :)

    Jennifer, I'm busted! I've been totally slacking on my diet. Umm...I didn't have pizza for dinner last night....haha. You are very right, though. I do need to be very careful. My biggest problem is sugar!

  4. I'm happy to do a happy dance with you, despite my lack of any sense of rhythm.

  5. Yay! So happy for you. I had the best energy I've had in 3 years on this round of meds I'm on. But it only lasted a few days but it was a great peek into what is to come when all this is over! :)