Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lyme Warrior

I'm still feeling spectacular, I'm working hard to clean up my diet, and I had an appointment with my favorite doctor yesterday--my LLMD (in Lymespeak that means "Lyme literate medical doctor"). I was so excited for my doctor to see how great I have been feeling, and she was just as happy to see me smiling again! It is so amazing, yet sadly a rarity, to have a doctor who truly cares how you are doing!

As much as I have enjoyed my break, I'm back on antibiotics today. I started a new antibiotic this morning, along with an old one. If I do okay with the new medicine, then in a week I will be adding in the same antibiotic that caused such a vicious Herx early in my treatment that I dropped down to 100lbs. It made me so weak that I had to stop treatment for a few months until my body was strong enough to try again with a different medicine.

I have had such a wonderful string of days and I've gotten so many things done around the house that I'm over the moon! I am much stronger physically and mentally than when I took the dreaded medicine the first time. After the last treatment cycle, I feel like I was inducted into the badass hall of fame (not to toot my own horn or anything; I just can't believe I survived that!), and I learned the hard way how true that old quote is, "You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only option."

My goal is to knock the pants off of my Lyme disease and co-infections. That's what I've been fighting so hard for, and I'm not about to stop now! But, that means I have to trade in my good days for Herxing. I am hopeful that it won't last very long or be more than I can handle. I am hopeful that I will be rewarded with more and more good days.

Even though I've been feeling wonderful, I still have a lot of symptoms, and by no means am I cured. If my memory serves me correctly (and if you know me, then you probably just snorted your orange juice out your nose at that thought!), the goal is to be symptom free for at least two months before you can stop treatment.

So, I'm climbing back onto the Lyme carousel, ready for another adventure in Lymeland. Watch out Lyme disease--I am strong, I am brave, and I am a Lyme warrior! Rooooooooar!!!!


  1. So glad you have had so many good days, Alyson. Such good news for you! I hope this round goes easier and with less herxing. Warrior Woman you are!!

  2. I'm roaring with you and for you!

  3. You need a theme song! I wish I was musical enough to write you one. Maybe I will make you a logo instead.

  4. Hi my name is Cecilia, am a teacher and I am from Bolivia, I was living in WDC-US and it was there where I got lyme disease, I feel very glad to read your blog and find one more person fighting hard!!!!!! life is so beautiful!!!!! and we know that every little second feeling "normal and healthy" is a reward and also a little break from this constant fight!!!!!!
    keep strong!!!!

    1. Hi, Cecilia! There is a lot of Lyme in and around the DC area. Thanks for reading my blog. :)