Monday, August 27, 2012

A Quick Update

It's late and I really need to get to sleep, but I wanted to post a quick update. I haven't had any seizures, since Wednesday--the night that I went to the ER because they wouldn't stop. More good news: My MRI results came back normal. I have an appointment scheduled on Friday, the 31st, for my video-monitoring EEG, to see if we can capture any of my episodes on video.

Today was the first day since the seizures started that I've been brave enough/felt well enough to venture out of the house for anything other than doctors appointments. We went to my favorite swimming hole--my happy place--so I could soak in the water to help my sore muscles. I also had a massage this evening, so I'm in good shape now!
My Happy Place

I really wanted to share my good news and say an extra special thanks for all the love and support I have received throughout this very difficult time in my Lyme journey. Thank you all; it means the world to me!


  1. Glad things are looking up a little, Alyson. This looks amazing.

  2. Such good news. Please keep us posted! Hang in there!

  3. I'm happy that you're doing better. Your "happy place" is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing such a lovely picture.