Friday, August 31, 2012


Packed and Ready to Go
Today, I go into the hospital for my video-monitoring EEG. I will be in the hospital for at least 24 hours and possibly up to 3 days, depending on whether or not I have any episodes. My appointment was tentatively at 11 this morning; however, I was instructed to call first and make sure there was a bed available. I called this morning and no beds were available yet, so now I'm on standby just waiting and waiting to get this over with...

The instructional paper I was given says I will be poked, prodded and tortured in any way the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit sees fit in order to raise the chances that I will have a seizure while I am there. Okay, maybe it wasn't worded exactly that way, but it might as well have been. Mostly, I'm told it's just going to be really, really, really boring.

I haven't had any full-fledged seizures, or pseudoseizures or whatever it is that we are calling them since my experience in the ER a week and a half ago (and hopefully we will have a name for them after this test!). I have, however, had some "minor" episodes. I wouldn't call them bona fide seizures, but something crazy is still going on in my body.

I've got my bags packed (including my awesome bunny slippers) and I'm ready and waiting to get this over with.  We've got a sitter lined up for the kids and my husband and I have decided we will just pretend we are on a date in a really crappy hotel. Here's to hoping this will shed some light on whatever the heck is happening inside my brain. Cheers, friends!


  1. I JUST came across pictures of myself having an EEG. Fun times. It truly is very boring. And I did have a "pseudoseizure" during the process which proved to the neurologist that it wasn't a full fledged seizure. So it ended up being comforting for me to know I wasn't damaging my brain each time I'd have one.

  2. Praying you get some answers, that your stay is not awful and that you and hubby can make some good memories despite the reason for the stay. Much love.