Sunday, November 14, 2010

Celery To the Rescue!

From deep in the trenches of a vicious Herx, this thought popped in my head: Sometimes, the cure is worse than the disease itself (please go here if you need an explanation of what a Herx is).

Healing from Lyme Disease is a brutal process. It's one of those the-only-way-out-is-through type of situations. As the latest round of antibiotics sets forth a mass murder on the spirochetal villains who have overtaken my body, I am feeling all of the symptoms I usually have, but it's as though someone has cranked them up a notch or a thousand! This is the hardest part of Lyme Disease. I will not lie to you, Herxing is barbaric! I've heard it likened to cancer treatment, where your body has to be poisoned with chemotherapy to get better. Since the Lyme spirochetes release a toxin into your body as they die, you actually are being poisoned.

Now is the time when I have to draw on every last ounce of strength I can find in my body to get through this. These are hard times, but I've found that the best medicine is laughter and, boy oh boy, am I laughing at myself right now! I long since gave up on pain medicine, because it doesn't touch the amount of pain I'm in, but what does help my pain is massage. A few days ago, I lost my favorite massage tool, a large plastic toy tooth that my son got at the dentist a few weeks ago, so I had to resort to the next best thing. I am now plowing right through this Herx and managing my pain levels by massaging my aching body with a large plastic stalk of celery! Take THAT, Lyme Disease! You are no match for my celery and me!

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