Thursday, November 25, 2010

Magic Pill

I'm dreaming of what life would be like if there was a magic pill that would instantly cure Lyme Disease. No more herxing (this is what a herx is), no more being house-bound, no more 12 pills a day, no more doctor's visits every 5 minutes. NO MORE PAIN; no more long, lengthy, brutal recovery!

I would have my freedom back. I would drive again. I would cook and bake again and not have to worry about walking away and burning the house down! I would eat gluten and dairy again. I would watch my children all by myself and homeschool my son again. I would do lengthy photo shoots and I would take long walks with my dog. I would go to the playground with my kids. I would ride horses and OWN MY OWN HORSE AGAIN! I would go to massage therapy school. I would go hiking, camping, and backpacking (and not worry about ticks!).

I want these things and I want them NOW. I don't want to figure out who will help me with the kids this week. I don't want to think about the two doctor's appointments that I have to drag myself to this week. I just want my magic pill!

I have no choice but to wait. I picture the scientists busy in their labs, which in my mind happen to look exactly like Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. They are doing their best, these little Oompa Loompa-like scientists, working on my magic pill. Now when I picture it that way, it's just a little bit easier to wait. Maybe tomorrow will be the day...

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