Friday, August 5, 2011

Howya Doin'?

It seems like it's been a while since I've done a post on how I'm feeling. But, perhaps I wrote a post about it just yesterday and I don't remember--which leads us directly into my first major Lyme disease problem: I have made vast strides in the old memory department, but lately it's starting to......uh, what was I talking about?

"Howya doin'?" posts are definitely not my favorite, because, well, they're so far on the boring side--both for me to write about and for you to have to read. If you're like me, reading a yawn-inducing blog post about someone who's whining about how they never feel good is not high up on my list of ways to spend my precious time.

Things are ever changing in my Lyme-riddled body, and it's hard for me to keep up with new symptoms, let alone for you to keep up. Because I can't remember diddly squat, writing these symptoms down here is the best way for me to record my pesky Lyme (and multiple co-infections) symptoms as they come and go.

So brace yourself, because here comes a list of my current super-exciting-and-not-at-all-yawn-inducing symptoms:
-weight loss (down five pounds on my already-way-too-scrawny frame)
-hair falling out (should have saved it from last time to glue back on!)
-bruising (Maybe I can still get my brother grounded after all of these years...Mom! My brother hit me! )
-foggy vision (mild, but back again after a long hiatus)
-light sensitivity (same as above, back after a long break)
-memory problems (my middle name should be "Did I already tell you...?")
-joint pain (hands, knees, hips, jaw)
-doubling-me-over stomach pains (This is a new symptom for me. It started a few weeks ago. I had an ultrasound done to check on my gallbladder and liver--common problems in Lyme disease--but both were happy and still smiling.)
-ear pain
-insomnia (I. Do. Not. Sleep. Ever.)
-fatigue/Lyme crashes
-muscle aches (flu-like aches; almost always in my legs)
-Lyme chills (Really? In the middle of a heat wave?)
-napping (This one is confusing since you just learned that I. Do. Not. Sleep. Ever. My body likes naps about as much as a three year old likes naps.)
-diarrhea (Came back again after starting a new medicine; stopped medicine, but too late--reawakened the beast!)

So, I lied: That list was pretty boring. And now that everyone knows all about my bowel functions, I feel like you should all introduce yourselves. Anyone still out there?
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  1. You make me smile, Alyson. I do the same, keep track of symptoms on my blog, but unlike you, I sometimes whine about how I am feeling...especially when I am in a poor me place. I get dramatic. Sigh. You are stronger than me, friend.....I am sorry to hear some of your symptoms have gets discouraging that's for sure and it is hard to figure out what is from the meds or from die off or activity.
    I am not on any herbs or abx due to strong die off from the homeopathic remedy I am taking~ arsenium album which is for my stomach and I learned...lyme and Fibromyalgia and more. I was stunned when my old symptoms all came back but I am being told it is part of the healing journey. Man, it is a long journey, isn't it! For me treatment started 4 yrs ago in July....I just started a partners in Lyme update for JOel and I too....
    I was going to take the Kombucha for my stomach like you do but my LLMD said absolutely not. I have mold allergies and it would make them much worse she felt. Are you still taking it?
    How is your pony doing?
    Take care and thank you for your nice coments on my blog...

  2. I'm sorry you are still having so many symptoms. And I'm worried about your weight loss! Hang in there. We are moving forward and that's what counts!

  3. Stomach pains...hmmmm. Had those horribly in the beginning. Those are definitely gone now. Wonder what gives? PS Feel free to tell me about you bowels at any time. You know I love talking about such matters. LOL. Wonder if green smoothies could help??? Works for my poo problems and insomnia (I think).

    Love you!! XOXO

  4. I may be strange, but I like to hear how others are doing. (might be because I'm in the medical field and have always enjoyed watching people's "healing journey") So thanks for this post =)

  5. I also like hearing how people are doing. Makes me feel more normal in this crazy lyme world