Monday, November 28, 2011

It Will Dissolve You!

A few nights ago, my husband had a dream that we were at Trader Joe's and I was completely insistent on buying a brand new product called X-treme Lime Treatment. This was the treatment that was going to cure me; I was sure of it!

My husband was trying desperately to convince me not to buy the lime treatment, which--as the name suggested--was meant to dissolve lime in pipes, but all I heard was someone standing in my way of being cured. He explained to me that I was spelling it wrong*, after all, l-i-m-e is not the same as L-Y-M-E.

He begged. He pleaded. But I would not listen! Finally, in a panic, he started shouting at me in the middle of the store, "Don't you understand?! Extreme Lime Treatment will dissolve you! IT WILL DISSOLVE YOU!"

When my husband told me about his dream, we both had a pretty good laugh, especially at that last part, "It will dissolve you!" I thought it was pretty hysterical. Just for the record, my current Lyme treatment is boringly conventional and I have no intentions of downing any pipe cleaners. What about you?

*A very common Lyme symptom is to stumble over words that sound the same but are spelled differently: their, there, they're; lime, Lyme; our, are., breaks, brakes, etc.; quite an embarrassing symptom if you were previously a stickler for good grammar!


  1. Cute! I don't want to be dissolved, yet I'd love to dissolve the lyme. Hmmm... ;-)

  2. I just joined your blog and I'm really enjoying your sense of humor and light you bring to this evil disease.. Thanks for sharing your journey :)

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