Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Oops, I Forgot

Last night, I forgot to take my shot out of the fridge. I'm supposed to take it out an hour before it's time for my injections and--despite the not-so-great track record in the ol' memory department--amazingly, this was the first time I've forgotten. Hey, one out of 18 isn't bad!

The problem was that my friend who gives me the shots had just been picked straight up from a 10 hour shift at work, and even though he was being a good sport, no one had to tell me that waiting an hour for a shot to warm up wasn't exactly high on his list of fun ways to spend the evening (not that giving a shot is good fun, either!).

So, we took the shot out and stuck it under the lamp. We tried to speed up time, but that only works on tv. After about 20 minutes, it felt room-temperature-ish, so we decided that was good enough.

Time does strange things when you have to sit still with a giant needle in your butt. I normally don't pay attention to the clock, because no matter how I think about it, there's still a shot in my ass for several minutes! Normally it takes about six to eight minutes because the medicine is very, very thick. However, this time, I noticed that we were almost through an entire episode of The Wonder Years on Netflix. Shit! 

My friend seemed a bit worried and asked me if I was relaxed. Sure, I was as relaxed as could be given the situation, but, truth be told, I wasn't sure what was going to happen to Kevin and Winnie. I mean, after all, he caught her kissing the lifeguard! Oh, yeah--you're talking about the shot that won't end...

Why do you ask, pal? Is my butt turning green and purple? Are rabbits jumping out of my ass? Should I be concerned? Am I dying?! Yes, I must be dying! Oh, NO!

Okay, so you probably figured out that I didn't die. Actually, nothing bad happened at all except for the fact that the medicine apparently had a cold spot and it took 20 minutes to get all of the medicine to come out. When it did finally start coming out, most of it came out in one big blob. It really didn't hurt any more or less than any of the other shots, but I figure it can't be a good thing to have a needle in your butt for so long!

In what was likely no coincidence, I spent most of today Herxing to the moon and back. I laid in bed chanting, "I will never forget to take my shot out of the fridge again; I will never forget to take my shot out of the fridge again; I will never...."

Lesson learned. The hard way.


  1. UGH! That stinks! Glad you have a good sense of humor about it, though! May you never forget again. Maybe you should draw a picture of the refrigerator on your hand. ;)

  2. Oh dear! Not a good scenario...not a good result...amazing you can keep finding the humor in it all. Hope your bum is feeling better today!

  3. Oh Alyson, at least you can find humor in it. I am sorry you are herxing. I hope that lifts soon. Your post paints a clear picture, and instills-just a little fear in me that if I ever have to do shots in the bum, I will DEFINITELY draw a refrigerator on my hand and maybe in various other locations just to be sure. You are such a good sport and so is your friend ;-).