Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Distance I've Walked


During this antibiotic break, many of my Lyme disease symptoms that were being held at bay by antibiotics have come roaring back. I was supposed to have two weeks off of antibiotics, but after talking to my doctor on the phone a few days ago, she decided it would be better for me to start back up again and do three weeks on antibiotics and only one week off--instead of my normal two weeks on and two weeks off.

It may sound strange, but I didn't even realize many of my symptoms had been gone (or had become mild) until they came back! In fact, I didn't even realize how much progress I've made in treatment until several days into this medicine break, because the improvements over the past several months have been very subtle.

Without antibiotics this week, I've had daily headaches, light sensitivity, restless leg syndrome, asthma attacks, joint pain galore (knees, elbows, fingers, jaw), huge Lyme crashes that render me useless for hours at a time, etc. I have many other symptoms, but those are the main ones that have been relatively quiet (with continued antibiotic treatment). The improvements that I have felt have come after having a few months of intense babesia treatment,. Turns out, that weird yellow "paint" I've been drinking is working after all!

My A.M. dose of antibiotics have already gone down the hatch. I'm actually happy to start back on treatment, although it means I have been given a one-way ticket to Herxville. But instead of focusing on the Herx, I'm trying to focus on the continued improvement that I hope comes with this cycle of treatment (and the next and the next...).


  1. It is hard to see the improvement at times isn't it. My last visit to the LLMD she told me my Lyme is not showing any signs of being active.....Huh???? What???? after 4 yrs of treatment and 27 yrs of having it.....WOW....NOW the Bart is taking charge so we are after that and as I lay in pain, with anxiety, fluid build up, etc. it is hard to remember I AM improving. We will improve...we will get better.....we just need to be in it for the long haul....Wishing you better days ahead Alyson.

  2. I had the same experience! Off the meds and things came back, proof that we are getting better on the meds! Keep kicking its butt!!!