Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I thought I'd share these lovely pictures of my newest Lyme medicine, Mepron. It looks like paint, it has the consistency of paint, and I am 99% sure it's radioactive. I am almost done with my first cycle already: two weeks on antibiotics, and two weeks off.

The best part about being on Mepron is my insatiable urge to photograph its strange yellow color*, which looks EXACTLY like the yellow paint in kindergarten art class. And just like a kindergartner painting, I'm usually covered from head to toe in primary yellow after taking my Mepron**! It stains my lips, my teeth, my tongue, my clothes (yeah, I'm clumsy!), and the dosing spoon. I like to leave my face yellow for a while, pretend I'm a big scary monster, and scare my family members! Roooar!

*The pictures above were taken with a web cam and do not accurately reflect the actual color.
**Do not confuse what I just said and let your kindergartner paint with your Mepron--that little bottle costs around $1200!

This post is dedicated to my Lyme friend, Heather ,while she struggles with her own goopy paint medicine! Hang in there, Heather! Keep making Mepron monster faces!


  1. Thanks!!!! I'm having trouble getting thick paint out of the dosing spoon. I've had to use a tsp. from my kitchen drawer!

  2. Same here! Except I accidentally grabbed a tablespoon and nearly overdosed! Haha.

  3. WHen I took Mepron (with zithromax) the color really got to me...and the thick gritty texture. I called it the yellow sludge...BUT we do what we gotta do :) You are so right...it looks like paint and tastes almost as bad.

  4. Yeah I just got my first bottle of mepron it took about twenty minutes to get it out of the dropper and dosing spoon. I think I'll use a teaspoon and try not to spill it. Even though I was prepared for it to be yellow I don't think you can be fully prepared until you see it I bet it glows in the dark!

  5. Maybe it's some kind of a joke among pharmacists to give the dosing spoon with Mepron.