Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Road to Recovery

The Lyme Disease Road to Recovery is not a paved road. It is like driving down a bumpy country road full of ruts and potholes, in a rusty old pickup truck with bad shocks. Occasionally, there are some smooth spots in the road, but mostly it's pretty rough going.

This morning my body feels as though it's taken a detour off of the country road and is now happily cruising down a freshly paved interstate highway. Even my unreliable, rusty old pickup (aka my Lyme riddled body) can't rain on the parade of this smooth road! I feel normal, I feel healthy, I FEEL LIKE MYSELF AGAIN!!

Now, don't go getting too excited. I am nowhere near better, not even close. But my medicine is giving me a much needed taste of what's to come. And for right now, that's good enough to keep me going as long as it takes down this bumpy, unmarked Road to Recovery.

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