Monday, December 6, 2010


Tomorrow I take my second dose of doxycycline. It has only been four months since I got my diagnosis of Lyme Disease, and I am frustratingly early into treatment. My body is insisting that we move even slower than normal, at a snail's pace.

I feel like one of the pawns in the board game Sorry!: every time I start moving forward, I get a "move four spaces backward" card. I'm trying hard to be patient; really I am. Each step I take is one step closer to where I need to be -- Lyme free! -- and one step farther away from where I started.

Good riddance, start line! Doxycyline and I are about to play a "move forward 12 spaces" card. Now if these damn spirochetes (the little buggers that are responsible for making me sick!) try to Sorry! me again, they're the ones that are going to be Sorry!

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