Monday, February 7, 2011

Jingle Bells, Lyme Disease Smells

My stomach, which I believe was trying to gurgle out either Morse code or Christmas carols all day, has been trying to figure out why on earth I would possibly add another medicine into the current barrage on my Lyme disease. I will spare you the details and just let you know that I have a very delicate tummy. I had to dig the dreaded Aloe Vera Juice out from the back of the fridge. It smells oddly like cowboy boots, and tastes like I would imagine them to taste.

My strongest symptom today was severe nerve pain in my left leg, which forced me to walk like a penguin all day. I also had general flu-like aches all day. I have those aches on most days; it's something I've learned to live with and I don't think much about it. Except I'm thinking about it right now! Because I just told you. Are you paying attention at all?!

I usually get chilled to the bone once a day, usually around midday, and today was no different. The chills that come with Lyme disease are pretty intense-no amount of clothing or blankets helps. It is a sight to see me wearing everything I own and then zipping myself into my zero degree sleeping bag and still shivering. It makes me look like a sexy bag lady!


  1. I just read this outloud to my husband (we both live with Lyme and its buddies). We had a good laugh...I hope not at your expense. My husband has worn cowboy boots for as many years as I have known him...44....and so this made us smile. Sorry you are struggling though...

  2. It was meant to be funny. Laugh away! Maybe you and your hubby should take a shot of Aloe Vera Juice and tell me if you agree! I think I need a second opinion! :)