Sunday, February 27, 2011

One Year Ago

Today marks the one year anniversary of The Big Lyme Crash-the moment I went from sick to siiiiiiick. I had been feeling progressively worse over the weeks and was being plagued with scary symptoms like chest pains, shortness of breath, blurry vision, headaches, etc.

On that day a year ago, there was no mistaking that something was very, very wrong and my husband and I agreed that I should go to the emergency room. In the hospital, they ran tests for "all the big, bad scary stuff," and when everything came back normal, they said to make an appointment with my regular doctor to have a mono test done.

I was sent home with 12 less vials of blood, continuing chest pains, blurry vision, exhaustion beyond belief and anxiety through the roof. I felt so scared and helpless being discharged from the hospital when I knew in my heart that something was terribly wrong. I did not receive my diagnosis of Lyme disease, however, for nearly half a year.

I've lost so much this year, but I've gained so much more. I'm stronger, more content, more positive. I'm more thankful and more joyful. I take pleasure in things that I used to take for granted. I've made some incredibly deep friendships this year that I will cherish forever. Thank you to my dear friends and family who've held me up throughout this difficult year! I couldn't have made it through this difficult year without your love and support.

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