Friday, May 6, 2011

Grow Where You Are Planted


  1. I love this photo...Pansies are my favorite ~ they remind me of my mom who died 9 yrs ago at age 92....This photo is great...a reminder to me that I can make the best of every day and that my mom is watching over me....
    Is this your photo? Can I save it to my computer if that is okay with you? Have a wonderful Mother's Day.

  2. Yes, it is my photo, Renee. Of course you can save it, but I really appreciate you asking! I walk by this spot every single day, and I don't know how long this little flower has been growing all by itself before I finally noticed it (today). I was struck by its beauty, the brave little flower all alone and growing out of the sidewalk. It reminded me of all of us bravely carrying on through our pain!