Sunday, July 10, 2011


Last week, I bought a dreamcatcher for a very sick friend with Lyme disease. I've seen a lot of dreamcatchers before, but I've always thought most of them looked downright tacky--although I will admit, I've always thought they were interesting--just not my cup of tea.

As you can imagine, I certainly didn't set out to buy a dreamcatcher for my friend, but when I saw that one hanging in the store, it really caught my eye. It was beautiful! I purchased it without a second thought. Over the next few days, my thoughts kept wandering back to that dreamcatcher. It really got me thinking about dreams--or more specifically, how Lyme disease puts most, if not all, of your dreams on hold.

Having to watch your dreams fall away from you like sand slipping between your fingers is one of the many agonizing day-to-day realities of Lyme disease. Not knowing how long your dreams will have to be put down is excruciating. Not having answers is maddening.

My wish for my sick friend, Juliana, is that in looking at her new (hopefully-not-tacky-to-her) dreamcatcher, she will be reminded that her dreams are not lost, but simply being kept for her until she's strong enough to reach out for them again. Her dreams will be right there in her dreamcatcher, serving as fuel to fight hard enough to achieve her precious dreams.

After all of that daydreaming about dreamcatchers, I went out yesterday and bought my own dreamcatcher just like the one for my friend. When I look at it, I am reminded that my dreams are not gone forever. They are simply waiting for the day when I can untangle them from my dreamcatcher and watch them miraculously unfold before my eyes like new flowers blooming. The harder you have to fight for your dreams, the more precious they are when you achieve them! 


  1. I always thought the same thing about dreamcatchers, but always thought it was such a GREAT concept. Great post!

  2. Wonderful and encouraging post, Alyson. One of our sons is part Northern Cheyenne and dreamcatchers are part of the American Indian culture of course....he made one when he was a teen. Since he died at age 25 from a virus attacking his heart, we hold that dreamcatcher as a fond memory. It is good to be reminded of what they can hold for us with Lyme...for anyone really. Holding our dreams and reminding us that dreams DO come true...Blessings, Alyson for thinking of your friend with love and support and for sharing your thoughts with all of us.

  3. Thank you SO much!!! I love that we both have matching ones. This post was just beautiful! oxox

  4. Love you even more for loving Jewels (is that possible??) SUCH a nice post. THANK YOU so much for being who you are.

  5. Thanks, girls! I wouldn't be here without the kindness of an amazing friend who helped me through my own rock bottom.

    The least I can do is pass that kindness on to others! <3