Thursday, July 28, 2011

One Year Lyme-A-Versary

Today marks the one year anniversary of my official diagnosis of late stage Lyme disease and the day that I began treatment. I can hardly believe how much my life has changed in the course of this single tumultuous year of my life. Oddly enough, as incapacitated as I was throughout much of this year, this is the year that I truly started living and loving my life.

What amazes me the most when I look back on this year full of unimaginable physical pain (Can you read that okay? Should I make it larger? I can do that, you know!), it's the beautiful moments that stand out, not the dark days. It's the love and kindness and support that I remember most. It's the laughter and tears of joy that I cherish. And that's enough to take the power away from all of the pain of this year.

I choose not to look on this anniversary with sadness, for this was a year filled with loss and closed doors. Instead, I choose to look upon it with gratitude and gladness--for this was a year full of unbelievable triumphs and lessons. This was a year full of amazing new friendships.

I love my life now, although I wish it wouldn't have taken a very rude awakening from Lyme disease to make that happen, but that's what it took to awaken my soul. I am so happy with my life now and who I have become through learning to dance my way through Lymeland. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to those very special people in my life who have shared the dance with me! I love you all and wouldn't be here without you.


  1. Alyson, what a beautiful and telling description of this past year in your life. One I needed to hear today as I once again am laying in my recliner in nasty pain and weakness. Too easy for me to focus on the pain and struggles instead of what I have gained. Time to write a list of gains again :)
    God bless you on your journey and may the coming year be filled with more joy and less pain!

  2. Thanks for being such an inspiration, my friend!

  3. Alyson, you are a blessing to anyone who knows you. Thanks for continuing to be a bright light in an often dark world. Happy Lymeaversery.

  4. Thank you my fellow Lyme warriors! I appreciate all the love and support you four have given me!


  5. You are doing so great....keep up the good work of keeping cheerful and I'll continue to pray as you keep healing!!

  6. I'm proud of you, honey. You've fought so hard and now you're an inspiration to so many people -- me included. I'm glad you've reminded me to look at the good things, too. Love you bunches,