Thursday, July 21, 2011

Massage Junkie

For several days now, my body has felt like it is coursing with poison. My limbs feel heavy and my body feels toxic. I get this feeling often. It's my body's way of letting me know that it needs more help with detoxing. I do spend a lot of time detoxing, but when I get that icky feeling, I know my body needs a little more help and it's time to schedule a massage ASAP.

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My friend came over in the evening yesterday and gave me a massage. I cannot emphasize enough how crucial massage has been in helping my Lyme disease recovery. I truly would not be here without it. I have heard that many people with Lyme disease Herx from massages, because it releases toxins into the body. In my experience, if I get weekly massages, I do not Herx from them. If I spread it out farther than that, I do occasionally Herx, but not very often.

If I'm feeling bad, having a massage once a week really recharges my batteries. If I'm feeling great, twice a month seems to be perfect for keeping me going strong. There have been numerous times when massage has taken my pain from a ten to a zero, and for that I am forever grateful.

The physical and mental anguish of Lyme disease is a heavy--sometimes, unbearable--load for those of us with this disease, and to have something like massage that can temporarily relieve us of that burden feels like nothing short of a miracle. Massage therapy has given me my life back!


  1. Totally agree about Massage Therapy! I have bodywork regularly and it makes such a difference for me as too. It's so beneficial. My doc believes Massage Therapy is so helpful, it should be apart of every Lyme treatment protocol. Or treatment for any chronic illness for that matter.

  2. I used to get massages all the time before polyneuropathy made them worse. I may try again. I have had the heavy limb, awful pain thing for weeks and taking tri salts plus burber and pinella has helped. I had so much die off and heavy metals coming from body from the homeopathic remedy I took I smelled like chemicals! I hope to start the sauna soon too... Love your sweet pony.

  3. I should try this, I have been meaning to for a while now but was always scared to herx really bad. Maybe it will help though!