Sunday, July 31, 2011


Tonight, I planned to write something really profound, something that would deeply move you. I planned a blog post so fabulous that every one of you would stand up in front of your computer, cheering and nodding and throwing fists into the air, "Yes, yes! She is truly brilliant! Someone help me find the Facebook "like" button!"

But what actually happened was this: I sat and I sat and I sat and I sat and I sat and I sat and I stared blankly at the empty box called "New Post." Maybe I could write about...No...Or, perhaps I could--Hey-did we-buy-eggs-from-the-store?--write about....Hmmm, no that won't--Did-I-take-my-medicine-today?-- work either.

And all of those people who were standing up and cheering, "Yes, yes! All hail Alyson--the brilliant Lyme Disease Blogger Queen of the World!"--those people all got bored and left their computer to go have a bedtime snack. Probably something really bland, like Cream of Wheat. Because eating Cream of Wheat is much more exciting than reading this post about absolutely nothing!

So for all of you folks out there who were hoping to be really moved and inspired tonight, I think you should just go have your bedtime snack. Nothing to see here folks, nothing to see here!


  1. I love you. Thanks for the laugh. I REALLY needed it tonight.

  2. :) Some days the best thing to say is nothing. LOL. I love you, Allison. My brilliant, funny, clever, creative Lyme Blogging friend. You always make me smile.